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Beginners Guide To Texas Hold'em

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The game play of hold’em begins with players being dealt two hole cards, face down, to be used as their personal hand. Once these are dealt, there is a round of betting. The first three community cards or board cards are turned in the next deal, followed by another round of bets. The final two board cards are dealt separately, each followed by another round of betting. Online Poker Players will use a five card combination of board cards and hole cards to attempt to get the best hand at the table and take the pot. In online hold’em, the dealer position is replaced by the dealer button, designating the position from which play begins. Generally, there is a two blind open, however there are variations that use an ante, a different number of blinds, or both blinds and an ante.

Objective: Players attempt to build the best ranking hand with any combination of the cards dealt to their personal hand or the community.

Rounds of Play

1. The two pocket cards, or hole cards, are dealt face down to each player.
2. The first round of betting completes.
3. First a card is burned by the dealer, then the three community cards are turned, face up. (Referred to as the flop)
4. Players participate in a second round of betting.
5. Another card is burned, then the fourth community card is dealt. (called the turn or the fourth street)
6. The third betting round is played.
7. A final card is burned before the dealer shows the last community card. (referred to as the fifth street or river)
8. Final bets are placed by remaining players.
9. Those still standing show their cards, last bettor first. (also called the Showdown)

Players remaining at the showdown have three choices when revealing their cards:

  1. Use three board cards, plus both of their hold cards.
  2. Use four board cards, plus one of their hole cards
  3. Play the board or use all five of the board cards


Specific Texas Hold’em Rules

1. If the dealer should accidentally show a player’s first hole card, this is considered a misdeal. Dealt cards will be gathered, and the deck is shuffled and cut again. If the one of second hole cards are exposed by fault of the dealer, the deal continues, however, the exposed card is not kept. Instead, at the end of the deal, the revealed card is replaced by the top card on the deck and the shown card becomes the burn card for that round. If a second hole card is shown, it is considered a misdeal, and all cards are collected, shuffled, cut, and redealt.

2. If the flop reveals more than three cards, the community cards must be dealt again, whether it is obvious which was the extra card or not.

3. Should it be necessary to redeal the flop, for reasons such as the flop coming early or having extra cards in the flop, the community cards are then shuffled back into the remainder of the deck. The burn card is left as is and after the cut, the flop is dealt from the top of the deck, without a new burn card.

4. If an early turn of the fourth card occurs before the end of the previous round of betting, that card is removed from play and betting is completed. It does not matter if this causes players to fold. Another card is burned and the fifth board card becomes the fourth. Once the next round of betting finishes, the card that was removed from play is reshuffled into the remainder of the deck. Burn cards and discards stay on the table. The deck is cut and the dealer turns the last card without burning another card. Should the final card be revealed, the process of redealing after reshuffling and cutting is the same.

5. If once the two hole cards are dealt, the dealer accidentally deals a third card to the first player, the card is returned to the deck and remains as the burn card. Should more than one player be dealt a third card, a misdeal results.

6. If you choose to play the board, you must declare this before throwing away your hole cards. If you do not, you have no claim to the pot for the hand.


USA Poker Rooms USA Poker Rooms
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